Parent Testimonials

Our families are the reason we are here, which is why we are proud to share their experiences for parents considering one of our three schools:

“This is a high quality early childhood school with caring and knowledgeable staff. Many enrichment activities are offered to the children including art, drumming and yoga. The program follows the UPK Units of Study and Head Start Standards, providing the students many interesting creative and educational activities throughout the year. There are also many events for parents to attend. I highly recommend this excellent program!”

Sandy N. November 16, 2017

“Excellent place for kids to learn. Amazing and lovely people working there.”

S. T. January 24, 2018

“The best head start ever, CPHS team are very wonderful and friendly, me and my son we are very thankful.”

Malika A. January 25, 2018

“Words cannot express my gratitude for all the great experience Z. had at Community Parents. I want to thank all the staff for that. As a parent good teachers and staff at school are hard to find. However you have some of the best staff here. Thank you for all the care shown to Z. here. Words alone cannot express my gratitude for all the staff here. Thank you for welcoming me to volunteer in class and on trips. This wonderful experience gave me a birds-eye view of the educational things happening in the classroom and school. Thank you all again and keep up the great work you guys all do. You guys all helped Z. get ready for his next step."

Shanta October 7, 2019