Welcome to Community Parents, Inc. (CPI)

“Head Start children have a higher likelihood of graduating high school, attending college, and receiving a post-secondary degree, license, or certification.”
(Bauer and Schanzenbach, 2016)

Thank you for considering us for your child’s education. We are a year round, developmentally appropriate, and multicultural preschool program offering Early Head Start and Head Start services for children ages 2-5 years.

We take great pride in being accredited and certified as a community Early Head Start and Head Start Program adhering to all of the regulations established by both the state and national affiliations. Your child’s success is our greatest mission, which is why we are here to help parents through the process of getting their child the best education, nutrition and social opportunities available.

To begin your child’s journey with Community Parents, Inc. (CPI), we assess the needs of parents and children to understand how we can work together to achieve the outcomes needed to give your child the best head start possible. We do this in accordance with Head Start Program Performance Standards. Throughout the process we work to establish mutual respect and trust to start building a sense of collaborative community.

We also consider each family’s readiness and willingness to participate. We value your privacy and are sensitive to keeping personal information confidential. We complete a Family Needs Assessment (FNA or Family Profile). This helps us develop and implement individualized family partnership agreements. It allows us to identify the family’s wishes and establish timetables, strategies and responsibilities of both the family and our school.

Once your child is enrolled at CPI, we let parents know of all of the available services we offer to encourage the success of your child and family. We offer a full list of services including early childhood education, health, special services, nutrition and family services

In order to best help families and support them effectively, all communication with parents is done in their preferred language, and in cases where the staff does not speak a language, we provide an interpreter or refer them to agencies that can facilitate understanding.

Contact us to ask us questions and learn how CPI can help your child thrive.